CharlieHello, I’m Charlie Baker and I’m mum to one gorgeous boy on earth and two beautiful girls in heaven. Forever + Always is my personal blog about love and loss, and about faith and hope.

In 2016, after a series of complications during pregnancy, we lost our deeply loved twin daughters, Alice and Chloe. Throughout this heartbreaking experience, I have looked for ways of grieving well and honouring our girls. I discovered some books, websites and resources that deal with loss and creating memories, some of which I found very helpful. With this blog, I hope to add my thoughts, stories and experiences into the mix so that it may be helpful for someone else who is on a journey of loss, whatever that may be.

I believe that we cannot choose what happens to us in life, but we can choose what we do with those experiences. I choose to honour our daughters with how I live my life now; I choose to invite God to transform me through this journey; I choose to become a better person because of Alice and Chloe.

I may not get to raise my daughters here on earth, but perhaps they can raise me.

This blog is about sharing ways that I am finding are helping me to do this.  It is for remembering our girls and for all those we have lost, and also about diving deep into the pain of loss in such a way that we can resurface with a greater sense of faith and hope.

You are loved forever and always, darling girls, forever and always.