Keepsakes and gifts

Just after we shared the sad news about our daughters, some lovely friends delivered to our doorstop a box of incredibly thoughtful gifts to remember our girls. There was jewellery, candles to light in their memory, keyrings engraved with their names and birthdates and even more. Their kindness and thoughtfulness left me speechless. Still now it’s hard to put into words how much those gifts helped me in then, and continue to be a source of strength to me on a daily basis.

I have also found it has helped to purchase a few special items as keepsakes for our girls. I had also fallen in love so many things that I wanted to buy for Alice and Chloe when they were born, and I have found it has helped my healing process to still get a few of those things for them now. One of my most treasured items are their timber name plaques, which now hang on our bedroom wall.

Here are some some of my favourite keepsake items or gifts – things we have been given or purchased for our girls, or things that are on my wishlist for some day soon. If you are looking for something to remember your baby, or a special gift for someone who is grieving, I hope you’ll find some inspiration here.


Clockwise from top left: Customised illustration from The Birth Poster | Customised minimalist poster from First Milestone | Script name plaque from Zilvi |Hand stamped bar necklace from Eden Zoe


Clockwise from top left: Custom baby scan watercolour art print from KP Designs | Amber/Rose Gold Candle from Lighthouse Candles| Custom photobook from Snapfish / Photos thanks to Heartfelt | Handstamped Keyring from Handstamped Wot Nots

If you’ve discovered any beautiful keepsakes or gifts for grieving parents, I’d love to hear from you.


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