Forever & Always

Last year, the unimaginable happened to us. After a series of complications during pregnancy, we lost our deeply loved twin daughters, Alice Sophia and Chloe Isabella.

Over the past seven months, I have cried more tears and learnt more about love, faith and hope than I could ever have imagined. My heart has been completely shattered. But it is also being healed and put back together, piece by piece.

Forever and Always is about this journey of loving and losing our daughters. It is about the faith in God that has sustained me and that has deepened through it all. It is also about diving deep into the pain of loss in such a way that we can resurface with a greater sense of hope.

It is my belief that we cannot choose what happens to us in life. What we can choose is what we do with those experiences. I choose to honour our precious daughters with how I live my life now. I choose to invite God to transform me through this journey of grief. I choose to be a better person because of my daughters. And it is my hope that in choosing to share my experiences, it may be helpful for someone else who is on this journey.

Alice and Chloe, you are greatly loved… forever and always.



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